ACO System Chain - drainage solutions for tomorrow's environmental conditions
Increasingly extreme weather must be counteracted by more complex and sophisticated drainage concepts. ACO achieves this with intelligent system solutions; which have a dual purpose: protecting people from water, and water from people. Every ACO product within the ACO system chain helps control the water as it passes along the chain to ensure that it can be ecologically and economically reused viably.

ACO System Chain - Collect
ACO System Chain - Clean
ACO System Chain - Hold
ACO System Chain - Release


Surface water, or liquids are collected from surface quickly and  completely by the drainage system. This part of the ACO system chain guarantees protection, safety and comfort for people, buildings and vehicles in the immediate vicinity.



Collected liquids are treated using integrated physical, chemical or biological processes that ensure they can be discharged into the public sewers – the minimum requirement. This part of the ACO system chain creates the conditions for recycling and sustainable use.



Containers, barriers and valves ensure that liquids stay within the drainage system where they can be properly controlled. This part of the ACO system chain enhances protection and safety for extreme situations: e.g. heavy rain, flooding or handling hazardous liquids.



Products are needed to release the collected, cleaned and controlled water into the downstream systems. This part of the ACO system chain brings the collected, cleaned and controlled water to the interfaces for further treatment, re-use or release.